Wire Mesh Filters

Wire mesh filters are often used in industry applications that require screening and filtration to prevent products from becoming contaminated with debris during processing.  Some of these industries can include oil and gas operations, petrochemical processing, and power generation (for water circulation through cooling towers), and they can also be used in polymer processing and other manufacturing applications.

For general purpose filtration, stainless steel is often used in the fabrication of wire mesh filters, but other metals and alloys can be selected depending on the environment to which the wire cloth product will be exposed.  Some metals or alloys have specific properties that make them more ideal for corrosive environments, while other metals and alloys are capable of retaining their strength and integrity in applications where exposure to high pressures or temperatures is almost constant.

Wire mesh filters can be fabricated in a variety of shapes and sizes to match the dimensions required by your particular processing system, and our professional design team here at Hillside Wire Cloth can work with you to create a wire mesh product that best fits your needs.  There are several variables involved in creating a wire cloth product, from the metal or alloy type to the weave pattern in the mesh itself, and your input is vital to providing you with a final product that is ideal.

Wire mesh baskets are often seen in use as a deep-frying basket in the fast food industry, display or storage containers for retail shelving and racks, degreasing and cleaning baskets for small parts, for electroplating purposes, and for printed circuit board was baskets. There are many more applications for a wire mesh basket…


Wire Mesh Filters
Wire Mesh Filters

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